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When personal business computers began to appear in the workplace back in the late 1970s early 1980s, the era was heralded as the beginning of the paperless office. Office storage was going to change forever. Now, over 40 years later, we’re still waiting for the modern office to become ‘paperless’ and the demand for compact office storage solutions is still at large.

Today, sheets of A4 still cascade from office printers like water over a fall, and all these documents, invoices, receipts, correspondences and other office paraphernalia have to be safely stored, while being readily accessible to staff during the day to day running of your business.

At The Office Design Company we have a range of office storage solutions from revolving storage, rotary storage, vertical carousel storage, slide-a-side, storage walls, and mobile shelving; all designed to help ensure your business operates at peak efficiency.

While discussing the design of your office with your project manager browse our range of storage solutions. Your free CAD visualisation can have a number of unobtrusive storage options included to ensure adequate safe storage of books, files, folders, and CDs, as well as miscellaneous office equipment and items such as cables, connectors, paper, pens, pencils, staplers, and clips etc.

Some of the office storage solutions we provide include:

The Storage Wall

Since its inclusion in our range of office storage solutions, the storage wall has become an extremely popular way of dividing an office, while offering high volume storage space. As a modular unit it can be installed floor to ceiling. Shelf height and depth can be adjusted to store a range of different office equipment. And it can be configured to be accessed from either side of the divider. With a wide variety of finishes it will blend seamlessly with your chosen office decor.

Mobile Shelving

More commonly referred to as roller-racking, our mobile shelving options provide for large quantities of data storage while using minimum floor space. Set on floor tracking, mobile shelving can be from a single unit to as many as is required for your storage needs. Each rack can then be slid open to allow easy access between units. Again available in a range of finishes to blend with your decor, mobile shelving provides for high volume storage in one compact area.

Slide-a-side Storage

As the name implies, slide-a-side shelving is designed to make maximum use of limited floor space. Again operating on a floor track, the outer unit can be slid to one side to allow access to the rack behind it. Units can be constructed as high as required, and shelving, drawers, and bays are adjustable to allow the storage of a variety of different office equipment and files.

Revolving Rotary Storage Cabinets

Another very popular high volume storage solution, these two sided units supply up to 400% greater storage capacity than standard filing cabinets. Incorporated in an attractive cabinet each unit revolves to reveal the unit behind it. Simply operated by a foot pedal, when the pressure is released the catch locks the unit in place. Designed with a number of different storage options from drawers to bays to shelves they are ideal storage for office supplies, computer media, and side and top tab files for a large range of businesses.

Vertical Carousel Units

When you choose one of our vertical carousel storage units you are choosing a completely bespoke unit which has been customised to your particular storage needs. A fully automated system which operates not unlike a vending machine, high volume storage is achieved vertically rather than horizontally. Some of its many benefits include its space saving, easy control and management of stored items, its modular construction, and its time saving and cost effective operation with high capacity. Depending on requirements we can construct this unit through two floors, allowing easy, speedy access on two levels.

We know that, when it comes to office storage, the choice is wide. Our staff are happy to talk to you and work out your needs and suggest a solution that will work for you. Our advice is free, call us today on 0115 740 1101 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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