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Office Furniture Installed Across the UK

As one of the UK’s premier office design companies it makes sense to offer our clients the very best of office furniture and accessories. We supply and install office furniture for our clients across the UK, including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Milton Keynes. We offer a huge range of furniture, including office chairs, desks, meeting room furniture and reception/breakout furniture.

Having gone to the trouble and expense of having your office redesigned and refurbished, pulling old tired desks, workstations, and chairs out of the storeroom, dusting them off, and scattering them in your bright new offices really doesn’t cut it.

At The Office Design Company we don’t just pass you a catalogue and say take your pick. With the different styles of office design requested by our clients we have spent time sourcing furniture manufacturers who produce different styles of furniture to compliment the office style you have chosen.

From the very beginning of your office design process your designated project manager will discuss with you the options available for office furniture and fittings. Pick out what you feel will fill the bill. Our design team will include the furniture within the CAD visualisation. If it doesn’t quite ‘do it’ then you can try a different style, until you are satisfied with the effect you’re looking for.

That old adage ‘it’s the little things that count’, couldn’t be more apt than when it comes to furnishing your office. Although office furniture certainly isn’t a ‘little thing’ the style of furniture you choose can greatly enhance the appearance of the finished project.

Imagine the effect on your biggest client when they visit your newly restyled offices, only to notice the same old furniture as was in place on their last visit. Suddenly the oomph disappears from the overall effect.

While your new office design will help boost brand image, the furniture chosen should not only compliment the effect, but allow staff to work to maximum efficiency in a comfortable and relaxed manner. From furniture for traditional style offices, to furniture for young go-getting IT companies, The Office Design Company can supply it all at extremely competitive prices due to our long standing relationships with our suppliers.

Free Office Design

We offer free office design on all interior projects. Click here to find out more.

Price Promise

We promise to match genuine, like-for-like quotes on all office interior projects.

Bench Seating

Bench seating is one of the most popular seating systems for UK workplaces. It allows many staff to be seated in the same area, with them all having a good amount of space for their own desks! Much more space saving than the previous office cubicle trend, and a lot more collaborative than single desks per employee, you can see why bench desking systems are some of our best sellers.

We can supply, deliver and install bench seating in almost any office in the UK, whether you are located close to our HQ in Nottingham, or further afield in places such as Milton Keynes, Leicester, London or Manchester.

Boardroom Seating

When designing your new office, or re-designing your existing office space, the boardroom is one of the most important places in your entire space. People, whether that is managers or employees, will be spending a lot of time in these types of rooms across the weeks, and clients will usually be ushered in here when they arrive at your premises.

With that in mind, it is important that your boardroom space reflects the look of the rest of your office space, and you choose the right furniture for you. We can talk you through the process of picking the right furniture for your space, to ensure you and your clients are happy (and comfortable) for the years to come.


Booths are becoming more and more popular in office spaces as they offer a solution to having private meeting spaces without having to spend the money on partitioning work for your premises. They are movable, and can be personalised with manifestation on the glass (if you choose a glass option).

Whether you are looking for meeting booths to hold larger meetings, or booths to hold 1-2 employees so they can work in peace, we can help!

Lounge Seating

Many modern office spaces now incorporate lounge and other soft seating into their spaces, whether that is by using soft seating in their meeting areas, or filling their reception areas with sofas and armchairs to ensure visitors are comfortable while waiting to be seen.

Gone are the days of bland, hard plastic furniture filling up meeting spaces and reception areas, forcing people to sit in something that really isn’t comfortable, or stand up whilst waiting, people are now choosing to utilise lounge seating as an inexpensive way to add a touch of comfort to their office spaces.

Task & Operator Seating

Task and operator seating is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire office space as this is the furniture you will be using the most. The average employee spends around 1,700 hours per year spend sitting at their desks looking at screens, so it is imperative they are comfortable!

Whether you are looking for the correct seating for your full time staff, who work at your premises 9-5, or hot desking staff who will only be in your space for a few hours a week, we can help you choose the correct seating for your staff to ensure they are comfortable and productive whilst at their desks.

If you’re looking for stylish office furniture, give us a call!

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