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Once our office design team have produced the plans for your office and received your approval, the infrastructure needs to be considered. This is where our retained electrical contractors come in. Our in-house electrical engineers are all time served, fully qualified and JIB registered. With all the modern digital technology needed to keep today’s modern office operating at maximum efficiency, an average installation will include some, or all of the following;

  • CAT5E and CAT6 data cabling installations
  • CAT 2 office lighting and office cabling
  • Electrical panels and sockets
  • Standard and Emergency lighting
  • Intruder and fire alarms
  • Security lighting
  • Access control systems
  • Commercial LED systems

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Commercial LED Lighting.

In all aspects of life, the emphasis is on lowering one’s carbon footprint – going green – and nowhere more so than in today’s modern industries. Whether machine shops or office complexes, the use of energy saving materials and equipment is crucial. If for no other reason than the cost of energy continues to climb, and with it a company’s break-even point.

While modern machinery produces the same output at a fraction of what it cost 25 years ago, so the modern office is also becoming more energy efficient. Office equipment, computers, printers, copiers and the like use less power. If you choose to illuminate your office complex using the latest LED lighting, even greater savings can be made on day to day energy consumption.

Although the initial outlay of an LED lighting installation is greater than standard incandescent lamps or fluorescent tubes; lower maintenance costs, greater lifespan of individual lamps, and a reduction in energy bills soon begins to recoup the extra outlay.

For example, it’s estimated a normal incandescent lamp has an average lifespan of some 1,500 hours. Compare that with an average life of 60,000 hours for an LED lamp, and one begins to see where the savings can be made. In maintenance terms, that means your maintenance engineer would change a single incandescent bulb 40 times, before the LED ran out of steam. How many light bulbs do you have in your offices?


Why Choose LED?

Part of the reason for this massive increase in lifespan of an LED lamp compared to standard lamps, is the totally different technology used in their production. At its most basic a standard incandescent bulb uses a filament, (enclosed in a glass case filled with nitrogen or argon gas), which is heated by an electrical current to a point where it glows and produces light. The big problem with standard light bulbs is that over 90% of the electricity needed to light the bulb is wasted in heat production.

A light emitting diode (LED) is a semi-conductor light source which uses electricity to activate it and produce light. Almost no heat is generated and virtually all the power source is used to produce the light, meaning power consumption is far lower than is used by standard bulbs.

If you’re based in the East Midlands and considering refurbishing your office space, or are interested in upgrading the lighting at your business premises, call The Office Design Company on 0115 740 1101, and discuss the energy cost savings which can be made by installing one of our commercial LED systems.

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